Check out the TSR Race Cars through the years! 

Since 2018 the Team Syncro Line Up never stays stagnant.  The Team makes every effort to push boundaries of what is possible and challenge themselves to constantly improve and progress the cars and team.

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TSR Race Cars



Googley Eyes 👀

2022 saw the launch of the new TSR Race Car, the Can Am Maverick X3. A true little off road weapon. Half the Size, but Twice the fun!!



New addition to the 2024 line up is the replacement of Fronty, introducing #251 the Can Am Maverick X3 driven by Kim Piercy in UTV Class - during 2024 she will be getting in some seat time across a variety of events



Where it all Began!

Back in 2018 TSR was formed with the build of a space frame Ultra4 truck. #1223 was raced from 2018 through to 2021, taking on challenges in races across the globe!



The Budget Build!

The 2020 Covid Lockdown saw the Budget Build for the Stock Class! Showcasing how cheap and easy it is to get into this sport!


#1223 / #0 USA

The Rental

After winning the WildCard entry to King of the Hammers 2020, #1223 suffered major engine problems on the lakebed, but the legendary Dave Cole shook our world and offered us the old spec class truck to race!